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You Look Nice Today - Do512xJXNART Collaboration Mask

You Look Nice Today - Do512xJXNART Collaboration Mask


Printed on 50/50 Polyester & Cotton

$1 from every mask sold will go to Out Youth

Designed by Jackson Montgomery Schwartz @jxnart

Our new pandemic existence has created physical and interpersonal distance; no one wants to get too close or linger for a conversation at the grocery store anymore (for very valid reasons). It’s challenging to visually communicate kindness with our smiles covered up. I wanted to create a mask that throws kindness in all directions and can serve as an ice breaker to anyone who sees it. I’ve been contemplating how some people move through life with a purposely closed off demeanor, preemptively shutting down connection, while others freely engage through eye contact, generous smiles, and stranger small talk. I’ve been the former, am working towards the latter, but realistically fall somewhere in the middle depending on the day. Can a mask simultaneously serve as a barrier AND a bridge? Keep your germs in and your kindness out, y’all! -Jackson

A Note from Gay.Do512: Gay.Do512 and Fine Southern Gentlemen will be selling face masks with local artist designs to bring a little local love to the faces of Austin. Each design will be sold with profits going to the artist, a charity of the artist’s choice, FSG and Gay.Do512. These masks are a way to keep our local artists inspired and help promote a healthy and safe city while we are all going through this time together. We hope they bring you some locally-designed, mask-covered smiles!
Gay.Do512 was created to better serve Austin’s vibrant and thriving LGBTQ+ community as an ally for events, venues, shops, people and news.