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Corazón - Do512xTatiana Cholula Collaboration Mask

Corazón - Do512xTatiana Cholula Collaboration Mask


Printed on 50/50 Polyester & Cotton

$1 from every mask sold will go to Creative Action.

Some of my biggest drag inspirations are my Mexican culture and it’s music. I usually perform nostalgic songs by 80s Mexican songstresses and divas, trying to invoke the emotion the track gives. For me, the word “corazón” (heart in Spanish) carries a lot of power. Whenever I lip sync the word “corazón” I can almost feel the emotion it carries with it getting amplified. Whether it is heartbreak, love, hate. etc. Since I’m a person that thinks in pictures, sometimes I think that the accent in the letter “o” of corazón makes it look like an arrow going through a heart. I created this design not only to bring tribute to my favorite songs to perform to, but also as a reminder that feeling feelings is a beautiful thing! 





A Note from Gay.Do512: Gay.Do512 and Fine Southern Gentlemen will be selling face masks with local artist designs to bring a little local love to the faces of Austin. Each design will be sold with profits going to the artist, a charity of the artist’s choice, FSG and Gay.Do512. These masks are a way to keep our local artists inspired and help promote a healthy and safe city while we are all going through this time together. We hope they bring you some locally-designed, mask-covered smiles!
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