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Bring Music Home - San Antonio Poster

Bring Music Home - San Antonio Poster

Bring Music Home - San Antonio Poster


I wanted to reflect the Tejano music background San Antonio has, along with other elements representing our love for live music, all genres. As the main focus, I wanted to portray a modern girl who represents someone who would have tejano and punk on the same playlist.

I'm a chicana artist inspired by comic books and my culture. I enjoy drawing monsters, sci-fi and horror. Growing up Tejana, my family had a small Tex-Mex restaurant from 1966 to about 2010. I was surrounded by music from my dad's old Tejano records, listening to KXTN 107.5 Tejano radio in the kitchen with my mom, to playing trumpet for over seven years in school and with a local mariachi group. Over time I've spent my art years making flyers for local venues, album covers and shirt designs for musicians and bands. My 9 to 5 is spent at a print shop where I design all things print related for small businesses.  When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and playing competitive pinball (pre-COVID) in a women's league, Belles and Chimes San Antonio. You can find my art on my Instagram @helloreg 

18x24" silk screened poster on heavy paper.

Each of these beautifully designed screen print posters are brought to you by the team at “Bring Music Home” - a book + film project, celebrating the people + places of live music. For more info visit: @bringmusichome.

To conserve resources + reduce waste, posters are printed in batches, after pre-orders are tallied. Posters begin shipping according to pre-orders received, between NOW + October. Remember! 100% of proceeds benefit music venue staff who are currently out of work, in partnership with NIVA’s Emergency Relief Fund. THANK YOU for your purchase!

Posters Begin Shipping NOW - OCTOBER