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Bring Music Home - New Orleans Poster

Bring Music Home - New Orleans Poster

Bring Music Home - New Orleans Poster


Jay Sayatovic is an artist who has called New Orleans home for almost the past thirty years.

Artists, writers, and poets have tried to describe what makes New Orleans and its music scene so very unique. After all, bands, genres, and venues are all fairly universal. Every city has them and everyone has their favorite.

As I gave thought to the uniqueness of the New Orleans music scene, I realized that yes, we do have our famous venues; however, New Orleans music doesn't need four walls and a stage. It doesn't need brick and mortar buildings at all. We have the streets.

Our Mardi Gras Indians roam the streets with tambourines, cowbells and percussion instruments, chanting and singing.  Brass bands march down their length, leading a funeral procession or a wedding parade, or some other joyous occasion.  And, of course, we have the buskers downtown and all around the French Quarter.  In fact, our greatest venues are the streets themselves.

They're where we can give in to our natural inclination, our very culture, to participate. We second-line with the brass bands. We head out early on Mardi Gras day to follow with the Indians. We parade.  As legendary New Orleans drummer Johnny Vidacovich says most Thursday nights at the Maple Leaf, (and I paraphrase) “We played all of this afternoon, but it didn’t sound this good until ya’ll got here." And he’s right.

Trying to boil all of this down to one image was challenging.  How to illustrate us as the audience, all of us, a whole city’s worth of people intertwined with the musicians in the shared space that is the music and everything it invokes and creates? This is my attempt at conveying at least some of that with this piece.

18x24" silk screened poster on heavy paper.

Poster will ship in October

Each of these beautifully designed screen print posters are brought to you by the team at “Bring Music Home” - a book + film project, celebrating the people + places of live music. For more info visit: @bringmusichome.

To conserve resources + reduce waste, posters are printed in batches, after pre-orders are tallied. Posters begin shipping according to pre-orders received, between NOW + October. Remember! 100% of proceeds benefit music venue staff who are currently out of work, in partnership with NIVA’s Emergency Relief Fund. THANK YOU for your purchase!

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