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Bring Music Home - Memphis Poster

Bring Music Home - Memphis Poster

Bring Music Home - Memphis Poster


Mia Saine is a Memphis-based illustrator and designer. They combine bold illustrations and designs with affirming messages to celebrate minorities. They also use their work to normalize Black self-love, vulnerability, empowerment and hope. After graduating Memphis College of Art in 2017, she has collaborated with a collection of individuals, organizations, and companies to establish creative solutions and awareness.
The illustration of the Memphis poster focuses on how Memphis' sound has been and will continue to be a pillar to modern-day music. Our various sound waves influence so many and it's very evident by how mainstream media constantly mention our name or sample our sound and culture. However, we are constantly fighting for recognition. That is our Blues. 

Memphis is a city that deserves to shine like other influential cities like Atlanta, LA, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, and so many others. As we push forward as a city that wants to progress beyond the 20th-century standstill, we are experiencing built-up pressure on how we want to present ourselves to the world right now. However, as we are doing this, we want to honor and show gratitude to the richness our Memphians have created so far.

I listened to this very Memphis playlist by Jared "Jay B." Boyd or DJ Bizzle Blueband:

18x24" silk screened poster on heavy paper.

Each of these beautifully designed screen print posters are brought to you by the team at “Bring Music Home” - a book + film project, celebrating the people + places of live music. For more info visit: @bringmusichome.

To conserve resources + reduce waste, posters are printed in batches, after pre-orders are tallied. Posters begin shipping according to pre-orders received, between NOW + October. Remember! 100% of proceeds benefit music venue staff who are currently out of work, in partnership with NIVA’s Emergency Relief Fund. THANK YOU for your purchase!

Posters Begin Shipping NOW - OCTOBER