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Bring Music Home - Boston Poster

Bring Music Home - Boston Poster

Bring Music Home - Boston Poster


 For over thirty years I have been creating a unique world of characters and far out planetary environments on rock posters, t-shirts, merch, murals, cars, boats and paintings. My art has reached most of the corners of the globe at this point through distribution deals with Liquid Blue, Polygram, Giant, Not Fade Away, Net Sales and Orion Distributors. Black Light Posters, patches, stickers, ceramics, rolling papers, clocks, incense and energy drinks are also some of the items I have licensed my art on through the years.

   My public work started to appear in Boston in the 1980s while attending art school where I met musicians and filmmakers looking for poster art. A great time for underground rock, by the late nineteen eighties into early nineties, the Boston scene was dynamic, thriving and rich with alternative touring acts, local grunge and punk all stars and a strong alt newspaper scene. I cooked pizza at Captain Nemo's in Kenmore Square next to the infamous rock club The Rathskeller and airbrushed T shirts at a local marina.  My portfolio started to land me some national distribution deals as well as merchandise art projects for Aerosmith and The Grateful Dead. Other clients include Tea Party Concerts, The Boston Globe,The Boston Phoenix, The David Bieber Archives, Shop Therapy, The Martinez Brothers and my newest project with @FABCANS where I have been illustrating craft beer labels for an enthusiastic and thirsty market. Searching instagram for #joeymars reveals a thriving vintage market on my 90's T-shirts and merchandise. I exhibit my work in galleries as well as on my website at where you can view an extensive archived collection of my work.

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When I was approached for the project of building a poster for the Boston music scene venue benefit my mind went straight to white noise. I take things so damn literally some time I was perplexed at how I could represent such a diverse and complex thing with one graphic. I started playing around with intricate, mandala like journeys that were fuzzier than the noise already spinning inside my head. A fictional, space-age, compilation band playing in thesubway tunnels began to take shape in the swirling pools of my cranium goo. Funky, gothic, trippy characters jamming on guitars and violins while sludge monsters banged on buckets and shook shrunken head tambourines. It got pretty complicated pretty quick as it often does. Then from the shadowy corners I began to simplify the scenario and I had a flash of some characters I have been using that channeled me back to my first experience as poster artist for a rock band. Early 1980's I was downstairs in some greasy rock club in Boston with the band and crew drinking some beers before a gig. I was living my San Francisco poster art dream scenario of smoking, tripping and drinking before the concert hanging out with the band. Not just hanging out, but I was in the band. I wasn't the singer or the drummer or the guitar player, I was the artist and that was perfect. Bouncing down the basement steps came the sound man with another round of Bud longnecks, a giant smile on his face. As his feet hit the moldy basement floor he exclaimed in joy, "They have Martians"! He was referring to the headliners on stage set up after just witnessing their sound check. "MARTIANS, holy crap, this is wild" I thought to myself with visions of arena rock alien antics of the late 70's dancing in my head. Would there be spaceships and lasers?  "What kind of martians" I asked the giddy sound man. "Not martians, Marshalls", he laughed uncontrollably spitting his beer at us. "Marshall stacks, lots of em!"  Everybody got a good laugh as we clinked bottles in celebration of the moment. These two characters could have been that fictional headliner or many of the others I rocked out to for the next fifteen years as I created flyers and posters for Boston rock shows. I have worked in clubs as a doorman, bartender, cook as well as management so my heart goes out to all affected in the clubs and venues. So please buy a poster or two to support the scene we all love and enjoy!....Thanks Joey Mars  

18x24" silk screened poster on HOLOGRAPHIC heavy paper.
Poster will ship in October

Each of these beautifully designed screen print posters are brought to you by the team at “Bring Music Home” - a book + film project, celebrating the people + places of live music. For more info visit: @bringmusichome.

To conserve resources + reduce waste, posters are printed in batches, after pre-orders are tallied. Posters begin shipping according to pre-orders received, between NOW + October. Remember! 100% of proceeds benefit music venue staff who are currently out of work, in partnership with NIVA’s Emergency Relief Fund. THANK YOU for your purchase!

Posters Begin Shipping NOW - OCTOBER