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Dominic Markham - Ships Week Of 8/13

Dominic Markham - Ships Week Of 8/13

Dominic Markham - Ships Week Of 8/13


The General Defense Committee Local 1 in Portland, Oregon, has established a fundraiser to cover bail and other legal expenses for protesters arrested in Portland, Oregon in connection to protests against George Floyd's murder by Minneapolis police, along with general police brutality.

The Portland General Defense Committee ( has provided ongoing legal support to workers and protesters in Oregon since 2017, relying on over a century of national experience. The GDC works in connection with the National Lawyers Guild and other Portland-based organizations.

The legal process can take a tremendous amount of time. Most cases take 6 months to a year to be resolved and some cases can take up to two years. For this reason, disbursements and reporting will be ongoing possibly up to two years from now depending on people’s charges and cases. We will be continually updating information regarding these expenditures as money is used to bail people out and support peoples’ legal cases. These reports will be available through GoFundMe updates and our website.

Designed by Dominic Markham @dominicmarkham

These shirts are a preorder. We will begin printing them once the store closes and we will ship them within a week after that.

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